10 Sandwiches You Must Eat Now

by Andrew Knowlton

I’d gladly pay $10 for the Beeter (beet “pastrami,” white kimchi, and Thai pepper mayo) and probably more for the Han Cholo (chorizo, Cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa) at this ATL favorite. But at $4 apiece (chips included), this has to be the greatest meal deal in America.

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Niche Dishes

by Christiane Lauterbach

…home of the itsy-bitsy $4 gourmet sandwich—along with inexpensive slushies made of Jack Daniel’s and Coke, cult movies, loud music, and Ping-Pong games for relieving frustration.

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Victory Sandwich Bar has great sandwiches and snacks, but a must-try is their Jack-and-Coke slushie.

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Atlanta's Best Cheap Eats

Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union restaurant reveals his favorite places to dine on a dime in Atlanta.

"Victory serves sandwiches until 2 a.m.," Steven says. "I usually order the Castro, with slow-roasted pork, ham, Fontina cheese, and yellow mustard, and a Tecate with a lime. And they have Ping-Pong tables. If you get a good volley going, it actually feels like exercise."

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restaurant review

by Jon Watson

One part deli and one part pub, with a healthy dash of hipster, Victory offers something that few other restaurants in town can — a place to get affordable, creative sandwiches and a full bar serving up an impressive collection of cocktails...

...Victory Sandwich Bar adds something to Atlanta’s dining scene that isn’t easy for most restaurants to accomplish: character. It is places like this — small, affordable and unique locally owned restaurants — that accent and enhance a neighborhood.

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